SASHA HARTSLIEF | Solo exhibition


Sasha Hartslief Seated Girl med res

SASHA HARTSLIEF | Solo exhibition
Sep 13 – Oct 12, 2024


13 September - 12 October 2024

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Everard Read London presents a solo exhibition of new oil paintings by contemporary South African artist, Sasha Hartslief.

The artist’s collection of works might be described as “a subtle treatise on the beauty of our mostly unspectacular lives”* as she wills her brushes to immortalise on canvas, the quiet and unexceptional moments of daily life. Spending time with Hartslief’s paintings rewards us with the chance of catching “some unexpected ray of beauty in the midst of our own mundane activities.”*

Writing in the Financial Times, Enuma Okoro notes how “Hartslief employs deft brushstrokes in muted tones to create atmospheres where light and shadow play off one another, tenderly capturing moments plucked from daily life. Moments that remind us of the inherent complexity of living with ourselves. Her characters are rarely aware of a viewer, immersed in their own worlds, but worlds any of us might easily slip into — because they feel like fragments from the simple but layered business of being human.”*

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