Press: | Teresa Kutala Firmino’s work included in 'Self-Addressed' exhibition curated by Kehinde Wiley at Deitch Gallery, Los Angeles

November 6, 2021

During November 2021 Jeffrey Deitch and Black Rock Senegal present Self-Addressed, an exhibition of self-portraits by contemporary African artists curated by American artist, Kehinde Wiley. For this landmark exhibition, Wiley invited a selection of contemporary African artists living throughout the world to each produce a self-portrait. Together these portraits present a new exploration of identity, perception, and self-regard within the global stage through the lens of figuration, exploring notions of perspective, authorship and control within acts of expression that directly address the self. The exhibition of self-portraits offers an examination of the myth of the monolithic ‘Africa’ and an exploration of contemporary artists’ visual definitions of what it means to be ‘African’ or ‘of Africa.’

Teresa Kutala Firmino’s self-portrait The Imagined Self was selected to be included in this exhibition. Her portrait is concerned with the life-changing event she recently underwent with the premature birth of her first child, the physical changes to her body and the psychological impact of becoming a mother.


Press: | Bob Chaundy interviews Brett Murray in the final week of Limbo at Everard London.

October 25, 2021 - Bob Chaundy

Bob Chaundy interviews Brett Murray in the final week of Limbo at Everard London. Last chance to view 1st November.⁠

The pair discuss Murray’s upbringing in apartheid-era South Africa, his political activism and use of satire, his early work and setting up the Stellenbosch University sculpture department, before turning their attention to this recent body of work that strikes a more empathetic tone and sees the artist looking inwards, towards his family and his role as a father. The podcast continues Chaundy’s series of Considering Art interviews which explore the best of London’s commercial and public art exhibitions through conversation with the artists.⁠


PRESS: Interior Designer Sophie Ashby’s bold take on South African couple’s London House features in House & Garden’s ‘Houses by our top 100 interior designers’.

October 5, 2021 - David Nicholls

PRESS: Interior Designer Sophie Ashby’s bold take on South African couple’s London House features in House & Garden’s ‘Houses by our top 100 interior designers’.

The South London house, inspired by the colours of the bushveld, is complimented by a marvellous collection of contemporary South African art featuring works by Sanell Aggenbach, Sasha Hartslief and Daniel Naudé.

Image credit: Alexander James

Designer: Studio Ashby

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Brett Murray | Limbo | Artist interview

September 22, 2021

Watch an interview with Brett Murray, on the occassion of his solo Limbo at Everard Read London.


Philip Barlow | slowing a split second | Artist interview

September 6, 2021

Watch an interview with Philip Barlow, on the occassion of his solo exhibition slowing a split second at Everard Read London.



A collaboration with artist John Meyer and Everard Read's CIRCA Gallery

July 16, 2021

A collaboration with artist John Meyer and Everard Read's CIRCA Gallery

To honour Mandela Day celebrations on Sunday 18 July, Rand Merchant Bank collaborated with artist John Meyer and Everard Read's CIRCA Gallery to create a virtual tour of Meyer’s series of paintings which portray the life and times of Nelson Mandela. 

Video Credits: Rand Merchant Bank


PRESS: Guy Ferrer | New exhibition opens in France | July - October 2021

July 12, 2021

Sculptor and painter, Guy Ferrer is a humanist at heart, fascinated by the range of possibilities of existing and past cultures.

In a new exhibition in Perpignan, France, Ferrer gives us his ethereal vision of the deep nature of man. Our insatiable quest for hedonism and materiality is confronted with an innate need to see further and higher in another sphere which touches the divine.

The exhibition, entitled De la matière à l'esprit (From Matter to Spirit), celebrates the multidisciplinary nature of Ferrer’s practice and is presented across three locations - large paintings at the Contemporary Art Centre of the City of Perpignan, bronze sculpture at the Hyacinthe Rigaud Art Museum in the vestibule of the Perpignan Town Hall, and drawings at the Castang Art Project gallery. The exhibition continues until October 2021.

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Summer 2021 | Exhibition Tour | Everard Read London

July 7, 2021

Watch the Summer 2021 exhibition tour below..




June 29, 2021

1959 - 2021


By his first solo exhibition in 1981 at the Carlton Hotel, a gallery run by the South African Association of Arts, 22 year old Velaphi Mzimba, had found a voice to contribute to the struggle for a humane and equitable South Africa.

At the height of the struggle against apartheid when African people were essentially stripped of their humanity and their identity – Mzimba used his brush and canvas to restore their dignity and stature. There was a familiarity with his subjects who were inspired by his curiosity about the different African ethnic groups across the continent.

At the peak of his career in the 80’s and 90’s, when Africans were not allowed around the table beyond their township homes but ‘good enough’ to be the help like his mother Violet, who was a domestic worker in the suburbs and his father Peter who was a driver, Mzimba put them in these ‘hallowed’ spaces – the homes, boardrooms and hotels of the ‘oppressor’ who were enamored by them. While most of these collectors superficially saw the ‘artistry’ in the work, through the familiar eyes of an Mzimba portrait, which gazed at one in such a particular way that afterwards you feel as if you are being followed, seemed to emphasize that whatever was being done behind these walls was under a hawkish watch.

To the marginalized majority, there was a familiarity as if one had encountered the person before. They saw themselves in his work. Mzimba dared to challenge the oppressor and showed that Africans were human too. He restored their humanity – an gave them a face. He celebrated their identity, their deep melanin and way of life – dark, textured and colourful. In between, he would depict how they escaped the misery of oppression through music or went about their work in the midst of the oppression – in his celebrated work depicting the Zama Zama miners (illegal gold miners) and township life.

He would find objects that represent African lives – the discarded metal basin, shovel, doors, corrugated roofs, used clothing – anything – and bring them alive by juxtaposing or superimposing his work in his compositions. It was tangible and constant reminder of the African struggle. He would use his brush to make them larger than life, and subjects as seemingly mundane at face value as fruit or vegetables – an apple, orange, cabbage or beetroot - or bring all together in one of his familiar compositions.

A humble, quiet and relatable artist, this is how he took on the struggle for liberation against apartheid - through his work, which infused optimism, humanity and dignity. That is his legacy.

Born in Dube, Soweto on the 19th September 1959, Mzimba was the only boy and the 4th born child of the late Violet (neé Mabuza) and Peter Mzimba. He discovered his love of drawing at an early age and was encouraged by his father. He dropped out of school due to the 1976 uprising when the school was closed.

At the age of sixteen he joined Mofolo Arts Centre in Soweto where he learned drawing, oil painting and pastels with Dan Rakgoathe. years later he won a bursary to study at the Art Foundation under the late Bill Ainslie. An award-winning and revered artist across various media, he worked as a professional artist based in Johannesburg until his sudden death.

At the time of his passing, he was working on a seminal collection celebrating great African women with his longstanding gallerist Everard Read. Mzimba's work graces many public, corporate and private collections worldwide.

Mzimba passed on unexpectedly on 24 June due to Covid in the arms of his wife Boitumelo while waiting to be attended at hospital.

Mzimba is survived by his wife, Boitumelo, children – Tebogo “Tebs,” Lesedi, Khanyi, Siphesihle “Malobisa,” Seti and Fili, his siblings, Betty, Julia and Sbongile and the Mzimba Family.

Thebe Ikalafeng
Pan-African reputation architect, explorer and writer


Masterpiece Online 2021 | Deborah Bell's Return of the Gods: The Ancient Ones (2015)

June 23, 2021

Return of the Gods: The Ancient Ones (2015)

‘I don’t know if I summoned these figures, or they summoned me to make them. They just developed this enormous presence and I started thinking about the notion of the gods in Western society and how we view them as either myth or fantasy or new age. For me, these five figures are absolutely benevolent. I view them as forefathers. I believe that we are all gods, we have just forgotten, and we are stuck down here repeating old patterns and habitual addictions. The Ancient Ones are memories of what we were.’

‘I am often asked about the small figures emerging from the crown of their heads. I have begun to realise that for me they represent the revealing of the spiritual self. The fact that these sculptures have fully realised figures with whole bodies shows that they are spiritually evolved beings. The men have female figures on their heads and the women have male figures on their heads. So, they also represent a marriage of the masculine and feminine and an owning of the full self, the complete self.’

‘It took me years to realise that I was interested in art that can change the world. That intent and creation can alter one’s reality. And I believe that is what art was used for in many cultures. We just don’t see it that way in contemporary Western culture. For me, every single artwork is more of a spiritual discipline about inner transformation. My work is about spiritual transformation. I like to believe that other people will feel that as well. I cannot force it, but if it happens for me then I like to believe that it can happen for others too.’

Interview with Tim Leibbrandt, Artthrob, 2016

Return of the Gods: The Ancient Ones (2015) is part of Masterpiece Online 2021