GUY DU TOIT | Hare and Now II


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GUY DU TOIT | Hare and Now II
May 10 – Jun 7, 2024

GUY DU TOIT | Hare and Now II

10 May - 7 June 2024

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Everard Read London presents a collection of new bronze sculpture by renowned South African artist, Guy du Toit.

The hare is a lively, witty, likely-to-do-the-unpredictable sort of animal. Under Guy du Toit’s deft manipulation, it has come to stand as a surrogate for our human existence, as well our relationship with the natural and social world, allowing us to smile at both it and ourselves.

Du Toit’s hares move through their world – often on wheels – with a sense of joyful aimlessness, ears blowing in the wind, arms waving in the air. Some have taken a moment to rest, considering their next destination. Whether riding alone on a skateboard, hugging a friend, or just sitting on a bench next to a partner, these mindful creatures are able to tune into their inner worlds and find peace, satisfaction and joy in what they have.

As fellow artist Wilm Cruise observed, “Guy du Toit's hares have a lightness of being - they dance, they fly, they sit pondering their thoughts. They are like quick sketches in the landscape, something glimpsed out the corner of the eye, like a flash of truth.”