Claude Jammet: Bestiary / Anthropocene


The Crossing 119x127 cms CROPPED for web

Claude Jammet: Bestiary / Anthropocene
Oct 19 – Nov 10, 2018

Everard Read London presents

Claude Jammet

Bestiary / Anthropocene

 Everard Read London is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new paintings by Claude Jammet.

Comprising two distinct bodies of work, the exhibition is a compendium of beasts exquisitely executed in oil on paper on canvas.

 In Jammet's Bestiary works, the portrayal of each animal embodies a moral lesson based on age-old fables. Her Anthropocene series is a moving and chilling meditation on humanity’s far-reaching impact on the majestic creatures with whom we share the Earth.

 Jammet’s paintings have the ancient fragility and power of the skulls and bones she collects. The paintings are relics of everything she has lived – an archaeology of her disquieted soul, an urgent need to close the circle, a pilgrimage toward hallowed ground and precedent lives. Her reds are those of blood, her ivories those of bone, and her blues and violets those of veins and tendons.                                                                                                                                                          - Alessandro Papetti, artist    

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