Guy Ferrer : Revelations


bons baisers last kiss series 2017 130x195cm hd

Guy Ferrer : Revelations
Mar 31 – Apr 27, 2017

Everard Read London

Guy Ferrer: Revelations

31 March - 27 April 2017 

Born in Algeria, Guy Ferrer is a French artist of Catalan and Italian descent. Over the past three decades, Ferrer has developed an international reputation as a painter and sculptor, with exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world. Rich in symbolism and texture, his work is deeply concerned with spirituality and the transience of life. 

Revelations is Ferrer's first solo exhibition in London. 

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I work as a sculptor and painter in the way that others take to the road as nomads, without knowing exactly where they are going but sure that the road is the right place for them and trusting in their destiny. I paint and sculpt paths to follow to find meaning – in life and death, in fullness and emptiness, in light and shadow, in our precariousness, in our eternity.