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(b. 1945, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Wilma Cruise is a South African sculptor and visual artist. She works mainly with fired clay in her renderings of life-sized human and animal figures. Her sculpture installations and exhibitions are often accompanied by works on paper – large format drawings. She has also completed several series of print editions. A number of her ceramic sculptures have been successfully translated into bronze editions.

Themes explored in Cruise’s work include the interface between humans and animals and existential conditions of muteness – silent, internal battles in the search for meaning.

Cruise has had over twenty solo exhibitions, curated others and completed a number of public works including the National Monument to the Women of South Africa at the Union Buildings, Pretoria and The Memorial to the Slaves in Cape Town in collaboration with Gavin Younge.

Her work is represented in public, corporate and private collections throughout South Africa. She has participated in the Havanna Biennale, the Florence Biennale and the prestigious 7th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale in Seoul, Korea.

Cruise recently completed her doctoral studies at the University of Stellenbosch in the field of art and animal ethics; she is a fellow of Ceramics South Africa and writes extensively in the field of ceramics.


The Animal - what a word!, Woordfees Festival Artist, Potchefstroom, South Africa

Coterie of Cats, Tokara, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Cruise at Krut 2020, David Krut Projects, Johannesburg, South Africa
1984: Fight or Flight? Recycle Re-use Re-con(figure), Everard Read, Cape Town, South Africa

Some are more equal than others, RK Contemporary, Riebeek Kasteel, 3– 20 March.

2018 Ha De Da in collaboration with Louis Olivier, IsArt Gallery, Franschoek, 14 January – 18 February.

The 8th Square, Cavalli Gallery, Cavalli Wine Estate, Somerset West, 6 November – 4 December.
Six impossible things before breakfast, Gallery University of Stellenbosch 9 November – 24 December.

2015 Red Queen to Play, Clay Museum Rust-en-Vrede Gallery Durbanville.
Advice from a Caterpillar David Krut Projects, Arts on Main Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Menagerie at Tokara. The sculpture garden at Tokara Wine Estate, 16 March - October.
Curated by Ilse Schemers.

2013 - 2014
Will you, won’t you, will you join the dance? National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, 27 June to 7 July and Oliewenhuis Museum, Bloemfontein July – August 2014.

The Alice Diaries. Circa on Jellicoe, Johannesburg 24th July – 25th August.

Wilma Cruise at Wildekrans Country House. Houhoek, 29 October to Easter 2012.
Alice and The Animals. University of the North West Art Gallery, Potchefstroom, 13 – 31 October.

The Animals in Alice. iArt Gallery, Wembley Square, Cape Town. 19 July – 17 August.

2007 to 2009
Cocks, Asses &…(I can’t hear), University of Johannesburg Art Gallery 7 - 28 November 2007; Kizo Art Gallery, Durban, 20 June – 28 July 2008; White River Art Gallery

Oliewenhuis Art Museum (Reservoir), Bloemfontein, 7 July – 16 August
iArt Gallery, Cape Town, 9 November – 11 December 2009.

SPLIT LON.NY.JHB. David Krut Projects, Johannesburg.

Cruise at Krut: Wilma Cruise Works on Paper, Johannesburg, 5 August – 23 September.

HYS. SUSP. text/image/sound. Millennium Gallery, Pretoria May 30 - June 27.

rapRACK. Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, 10 June - 1 July.

Mirroring ourselves (with Regi Bardavid). AVA Gallery, Cape Town, 16 November - 5 December. 

Continuous projection. African Window Museum, Pretoria, 30 September – 30 October.

John’s wife. First Gallery, Parkhurst, Johannesburg, 23 April - 11 May.

Nicholas - October 1990. Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, April 17 – May 8th.

Jacobs and Liknaitsky Gallery, Cape Town.

1990 Untitled: (everlasting nothingness made visible), Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, 7 – 27 October.

Portrait of my friends and other animals. Beuster-Skolimowski Gallery, Pretoria, 2 – 14 August.

Sylvester in September. Beuster-Skolimowski Gallery, Pretoria 15 – 27 September.
All those lonely people. Things Gallery, Johannesburg, 27 May – 10 June.

Collection. Beuster-Skolimowski Gallery, Pretoria. 30 January – 11 February.


TableScapes. Ceramic Exhibition (Hennie Meyer, Ann Marais, Clementina van der Walt, Wiebke von Bismark & Wilma Cruise) at FynArts Gallery, Hermanus, 11 December 2018 – 13

Outdoors at Alphen in conjunction with Ceramics Southern Africa. Alphen Hotel, Cape Town

Outdoors at Alphen in conjunction with Ceramics Southern Africa. Alphen Hotel, Cape Town

Earthworks/Claybodies. (Deborah Bell, Wilma Cruise, Guy du Toit, Petros Gumbi). Sasol Art Museum, University of Stellenbosch - September 2004

Earthworks/Claybodies. (Deborah Bell, Wilma Cruise, Guy du Toit, Josephine Ghesa). Pretoria Art Museum, 16 March - 26 May and Standard Bank Gallery, 2004

(Re)figuring abstraction. (Regi Bardavid, Jenni Stadler, Pascual Tarazona), Sandton Civic Gallery, October - November.

Space/(Dis)Place. Africus Biennale, Johannesburg, (as artist and curator).

Edges. Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg (as artist and curator).

The contemporary vessel. Karen McKerron Gallery, Bryanston, (as artist and curator).


Director's Selection, Everard Read, London, UK

Spring Show, Everard Read, Johannesburg, South Africa
Oasis: 25th Anniversary Group Show, Everard Read, Cape Town, South Africa

Confessionale, Deepest Darkest Contemporary Gallery, Cape Town, 24 October - 5 December 2020.
What on Earth, RK Contemporary Riebeek Kasteel, 4 Oct 2020 - 1 Nov 2020
Against Interpretation?, Everard Read London, May–June 2020.
Staring Straight to the Future, Everard Read London, 3 – 23 April 2020.
Bronze, Steel, Stone and Bone, Everard Read London, 28 February – 16 May 2020.

Connected by Fire, Rust-en-Vrede Gallery, Durbanville, 12 November – 13 December.

Bronze, Steel and Stone II Everard Read, London.

Bronze, Steel and Stone Circa, London, 9 September – 8 October.
Animal Exhibition of sculpture at Tokara Delicatessen curated by Ilse Schermers Tokara, Winter.
Johannesburg Art Fair, stand curated by Everard Read, 8 – 11 September.
Turbine Art Fair, stand curated by ArtSource, 14 – 17 July.
Sculpture on the cliffs FynArts Festival Hermanus, June.
Summer Sculpture Everard Read, Mt Nelson, Cape Town 2015 – 2016.
That Art Fair, stand curated by Maik Kobald, February.

Bronze, Steel and Stone Everard Read, Johannesburg, November.
(In) The Nature of Things. FynArts Festival Hermanus, 5–16 June 2015.
Slow Violence. GUS Stellenbosch, 30 March – 23 May 2015.
The Princess in the Veld, Curated by Adele Adendorff, Klein Karoo Nasionale kunstefees
Outshoorn 2–12 April.
Carved Relief Print Group Exhibition, David Krut Projects Johannesburg February
IS Sculpture @ Tokara, December 2014 – March 2015
Summer Sculpture III Everard Read, Mt Nelson, Cape Town 2014 – 2015

Play at Nirox, Johannesburg. 11 October.

7th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, Korea, September 2013 – January 2014
Everard Read Centenary Exhibition, Johannesburg. September
Re-envisioning the Anglo-Boer (South African) War. Curated by Angela de Jesus and Janine Allen. Johannes Stegmann Art Gallery and The War Museum of the Boer Republics,
Bloemfontein. July.
Alice and Wonderland. Kaemer Family Galley, Perlman Teaching Museum, Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota, USA April 5 – 28.
Figuration and Negation. Fried Contemporary, Pretoria. Feb - March

The Rainbow Nation: Contemporary Sculpture from South Africa. Beelden aan Zee and Lange Voorhout, The Hague, Holland, 29 May to 9 September.

Selected Editions and Works on Paper. David Krut Projects, Cape Town 10 December to 28 January
Horse: Multiple Views of a Singular Beast. Curated by Ricky Burnett. Circa on Jellicoe, Johannesburg, 8 September to 30 October.
IS Sculpture at Tokara Delicatessen. Curated by Ilse Schemers. Nr Stellenbosch. 30 October.
Cruise, Kentridge, Ox, Victor, Wilsenach. Curated by Basie Botha. Trent Gallery at Cameo Framers, Pretoria, 21 October – 2 November
Wilma Cruise, Frikkie Eksteen and Robert Hodgins. Curated by Basie Botha. Trent Gallery at Cameo Framers, Pretoria, 14 April – 4 May.
Art on Paper. Kalk Bay Modern, Cape Town, 18 October
The 2011 Sovereign African Art Prize. Johannesburg Art Fair, Tokara, Artscape.
Le Quartier Francais Is Art and Ebony Literary Festival Exhibition. Franschhoek, 13 - 21 May.

HERITAGE 2010. Curated by Albie Bailey, Paarl, 23 September - 09 October.
Painters who Print. The Gallery at Grande Provence, Franschhoek, 31 October – 1 December.
L'Origine du monde - this is not a porn song. Curated by Paul Boulitreau, Aardklop National Art Festival, 27th August- 2nd September.
Bodies in Transition. Curated by Elfrieda Dreyer. Fried Contemporary, Pretoria. 4 February – 7 March.

Transitions. Gallery 2, Johannesburg. 8 May.
The Urban Animal. Curated by Sonja Britz and Ann-Marie Tully. ABSA Gallery Johannesburg, 7th - 29th October. 2009 Outdoor
Sculpture Exhibition St Lorient Pretoria, 28 August – 26 September and University of Johannesburg October 2009. Curated by Gordon Froud. 2009 “3” (with Guy du Toit and Gordon Froud) NaudeModern, Pretoria. 2008 Space Fusion

2007 - 2008
Artspace, Johannesburg, 5 March - 29 March.
Contemporay 2007. Stellenbosch, 12 December - 20 February; JAG 15 March – 31 May;
Durban Art Museum 15 August – 1 November. 2007 Montage.
Resolution Gallery, Johannesburg, 13 November.

Rendezvous – Focus Sculpture. Redhill 8 – 16 December.
Sculpture Garden Grande Provence, Franschoek, September.
Little Deaths (with Elfrieda Dreyer and Guy du Toit curated by Elfrieda Dreyer) Fried Contemporary, Pretoria 13 February – 10 March and Bell Roberts, Lorensford Estate.

Roles/Robes at Fried Contemporary, Pretoria,15 July – 5 August.
Home Sweet Home. Strijdom Gallery, George.

Works on paper: Collaborative Prints from David Krut Print Workshop, Franchise, Johannesburg, 24 November – 15 December.
David Krut Collaborations: 25 Years of Prints and Multiples, National Arts Festival, Grahamstown 30 June to 9 July 2005
Art from Two Metropoles. Fried Contemporary, Pretoria, 30 July – 19 August.

Brett Kebble Art Awards, Cape Town Convention Centre, Cape Town.
Male Order. Standard Bank National Arts Festival, Touring exhibition.
Art Exhibition - The Spacing, UNISA, Sunnyside Campus, Pretoria, 7 September -15 October.
Manuscript Exhibition 4. Boekehuis, Johannesburg, 7 - 28 September.
TransCultural Exchange Coaster Project - Destination the World. Open Window Art Gallery, Pretoria and Trattoria San Lorenzo Rivonia, March 8 – 17.

Biennale Internazionale Dell’arte Contemporanea, Florence, 7 - 16 December.
Observations (with Guy du Toit and Dianne Victor). The Open Window Art Gallery, Pretoria, 12-29 September.
Launch of Millennium II - Johannesburg. Millennium II Gallery, Johannesburg 23 June
M.E. III Manuscripts. Standard Bank Festival of the Arts, Grahamstown, 29 June - 5 July.

Conversations….2000. Wordfest, Standard Bank Festival of the Arts, Grahamstown.
Water Colour Society of South Africa, (Guest Exhibitor). Norscot Manor, Sandton October.
Manuscript Ii. Boekehuis, Melville, Johannesburg (Sept. October); Centre For the Book,
Cape Town (December); Oliewenhuis National Museum, Bloemfontein (February - March 20001)

Manuscript Exhibition. Carfax, Johannesburg, 20 November - 4 December; Tatham Art Gallery, Pietermaritzburg and Durban 2000.
The Paper show (curated by Peter Schutz). Goodman Gallery, 10 July - 7 August. Equus, Pretoria, January.

The art of giving. Gallery on Tyrone, Johannesburg, 28 November.
Aardklop, Potchefstroom.
Women’s Day. Gallery on Tyrone, Johannesburg, 22 August.
Buttons curated by Gordon Froud. The Civic Gallery, Johannesburg, 14 July.
Nearer than bronze: works in paper. Sandton Civic Gallery, Sandton, April - May.
Klein Karoo National Arts Festival, Oudtshoorn, April.

Havana Biennale, Cuba, April-May.
A little big thing. Erotic miniatures at The Thompson Gallery, Johannesburg, SeptemberOctober.

Contemporary South African Art from the South African National Gallery Permanent
Collection, Cape Town, December
An exhibition of books by people who don’t write: Artist’s books from the Ginsburg Collection, Johannesburg Art Gallery, August.
Past and present. Exhibition of past and present UNISA lecturers, Pretoria.
Kempton Park/Tembisa Fine Arts Awards, Kempton Park.

Havana Biennale, Cuba

1995 Kempton Park/Tembisa Fine Arts Awards, Kempton Park.

1994 Anything boxed. Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg.
Exhibition of new work by the 1993 winners of the FNB Vita Now competition. Civic Theatre Art Gallery, Johannesburg.
Exhibition of maquettes and sketches for art commissions. Civic Theatre Gallery, Johannesburg. (Finalist with Russell Scott for The Theatre Horse. Co-awardees - Dianne Victor and Reshada Crouse).
FNB Art Vita Now. Johannesburg Art Gallery (Quarterly Award) Institute of Contemporary Art, Johannesburg.

The joy is in the making. Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg.

Cape Town Triennial. Traveling exhibition.
Vita Art Now. Johannesburg Art Gallery.

Vita Art Now. Johannesburg Art Gallery.
Artists’ Mirror Competition. Karen McKerron Gallery. (First Prize)

Cape Town Triennial. Traveling exhibition.
Two-person exhibition, Karen McKerron Gallery, Bryanston.
Clay plus. UNISA Art Gallery, Pretoria.
Detainee Parents’ Support Committee Exhibition. Market Gallery, Johannesburg.

1987 Figurative ceramics and decorated textiles. The Annexe, South African National Gallery, Cape Town.
Recent trends in ceramics. South African National Gallery, Cape Town.

Teapot exhibition. Things Gallery, Johannesburg.
Invited Potters. NSA Gallery, Durban; William Humphrey Gallery, Kimberly.

An Exhibition of Ceramic Sculpture and Porcelain. (Two-person exhibition), Trevor Coleman Gallery, Johannesburg.

In Doors, Out Doors. (Two-person exhibition), Beuster-Skolimowski Gallery, Pretoria.
Ersnt de Jongh Gallery, Pretoria.

Six potters explore raku. Trevor Coleman Gallery, Johannesburg.
Carriage House Gallery, Johannesburg.
Beuster-Skolimowski Gallery, Pretoria.

Beuster-Skolimowski Gallery, Pretoria.


Artspace Mentorship Programme Mentor: Wilma Cruise. Mentee: Louis Olivier 19 to 30

Lower Eastside Printshop, New York, March (supported by David Krut Projects).
Guest, Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

Guest Rhodes Univerisity, Grahamstown, July – September.

Artist-in-residence, Standard Bank Festival of Arts, Grahamstown.

European contemporary art in the point of intersection between contemporary cultures and nations. Ryn, Poland, July 1997 Havana Biennale, Cuba. April-May.


Iziko (South African National Gallery)
Durban Art Museum
Pretoria Art Museum
University of South Africa Collection
Corobrik Collection
Polokwane Municipal Collection
Constitutional Court
Standard Bank Gallery
Sasol University Museum, Stellenbosch
University of Johannesburg
Rand Merchant Bank
University of the North West
War Museum Bloemfontein.
Ellerman House, Cape Town


Kom sit 2020 in The Vertical Animal, curator Gavin Younge as part of Sculpture on the cliffs FynArts Festival, Hermanus, June.

Sculpture on the cliffs FynArts Festival Hermanus, June.

Noordhoek Common November

Trek and Good Grief. Plettenberg Bay Site_Specific Project, August.

The Memorial to the Slaves, Church Square, Cape Town, in collaboration with Gavin Younge.

For the Miners: A Health and Safety Tree. For Switching on the Lights. Anglo American, 4 December 2006, in collaboration with Gavin Younge.
Ancestor. Department of Science and Technology, Pretoria, in collaboration with Gavin Younge.

2004 – 2005
Sheep May Safely Graze: The Return Of The Bultfontein Sheep. Oliewenhuis Museum, Bloemfontein.

The Right to Life. Constitutional Court, Johannesburg.

Wathint’ Abafazi Wathint’ Imbokodo; Strike the Woman Strike the Rock.
A Monument to celebrate the women’s march on The Union Buildings on 9th August 1956 (with Marcus Holmes), Union Buildings, Pretoria.

Speaking Loudly: Listening Intently. MTN.
c. 1979 FNB Drilling
1975 Mono Die Engineers


BASA & NAFTA Arts Journalism Silver Award – features.

Sovereign African Art Prize (Shortlisted)

Sasol Wax Art Awards (Shortlisted).

Lorenzo il Magnifico Award 4h place digital art section. Biennale Internazionale Dell’arte Contemporanea, Florence.

Architects’ Project Award for Women’s Monument, Union Buildings, Pretoria.

Chancellor’s Club Scholarship, UNISA

Quarterly Vita Art Now Award. (Co-recipient Steven Cohen).

Corobrik Award - 1st Biennial Ceramics Exhibition.
Address in Acknowledgement of Excellence in Service to the Local Cultural Community, Regional Council for Cultural Affairs Southern Transvaal.

Faculty Medal for Academic Achievement, UNISA.

Artist’s Mirror Competition, Karen McKerron Gallery, Bryanston.
Standard Bank Merit Award, UNISA.

1986 Transvaal Regional Ceramic Exhibition - Highly Commended 


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1969 BA (Hons) (Wits)
1966 Transvaal Teachers Higher Diploma (JCE)
1989 BA (FA) (Cum Laude) (UNISA)
1997 MA (FA) (Cum Laude) (UNISA)
2017 PhD University of Stellenbosch